LC Permission Form

Please note if you choose Do Not Agree you will be called to come to the service to check your child’s care with an educator present. For further please refer to our Head Lice Policy and Staying Healthy in Childcare 5th Edition.

Staff will always attempt to contact parent/guardian/Emergency contacts prior to administering. I understand that if my child requires Paracetamol that I or a parent/guardian/Emergency contact will pick up my child within 30 mins. I understand that if do not agree that my child will be required to be collected from the service as soon as possible. I understand that if my child has been given Panadol/Dymadon that they are excluded from the service for a minimum of 24hrs and until they are fit and well enough to return.

Asthma Emergencies

The National Asthma Council (NAC), recommends that should a child not known to have asthma appear to be in severe respiratory distress, the Asthma First Aid plan should be followed immediately. The following steps are recommended:

If someone collapses and appears to have difficulty breathing, call an ambulance immediately, whether or not the person is known to have asthma; Give 4 puffs of a reliever medication and repeat if no improvement;

Keep giving 4 puffs every 4 minutes until the ambulance arrives

Anaphylaxis Emergencies

For Children with anaphylaxis emergencies, educators will follow the child's Emergency Action Plan. Educators administering the adrenaline will follow the instructions stored with the device. An ambulance will be called. The used auto-injector will be given to the ambulance officers on their arrival. If the child has no response after 5 min, I understand that another Adrenaline Autoinjector will be used if available.

Please initial the sign in sheet next to your child’s name once you have applied sunscreen to your child

I have read and understand the centre Handbook and Policies, I have an understanding that the centre policies are the ‘rules’ of the service and are available to me at all times. I am aware that I can have input in the reviewing process of the policies throughout the year and that they are available to me at all times.