Wadjiny - Kindy

Date: : Monday, 4 July 2022

Time: 10am

Location: Teenie Weenies

Cost: $13 per child

This entertaining exploration into the culture and day to day life in a hunter gatherer society will leave students with a lasting insight into Aboriginal histories and cultures.

Troy Allen combines dance, storytelling and music and after showing, quickly has students and teachers if willing, to join him in the dance as they all mimic the kangaroo, emu and other Australian animals using their newly learnt movements that stretch back thousands of years.

There is also a fine collection of artefacts - weapons, tools, nets and other everyday items all used to fully engage and educate.

A constant throughout all his stories is a theme of great respect for land and all creatures that inhabit it. Albeit occasionally, when he can find the time, Troy enjoys fishing, hunting and seeking out seasonal bush tucker and cooking up a feast. He emphasizes that animals are hunted for food never for sport and that when gathering tucker from the bush he and his family will only ever take what they and their friends can eat.

Each performance is structured to the audience and Troy gets everyone involved with his enthusiasm and down to earth approach.

For nearly 30 years throughout Australia and around the world Troy has been entertaining audiences of all ages while simultaneously educating them in the life, culture and traditions of his current day family and ancestors.

I give my child permission to attend and participate in Wadjiny - Kindy on Monday 4th July 2022 @10am.

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