2022 Enrolment Request Form

It has come to that time of the year where we begin the process for 2022 enrolments. As existing families in the centre, you have first priority for your child as well as any siblings you may like to enrol for 2022. 

You are guaranteed your existing 2021 position for 2021and we will try our best to fulfill your 20222 requests. It is important to keep in mind that your 2022 requests is only a request and we will try our best to meet them, in regards to our Priority of Access Policy.

It is important to return this form back on time as a late return may affect your requests. 

If you have siblings, and you will like to enrol them please fill out the sibling section below. If your child is attending Kindergarten in 2022 we also require you to fill out the information under the School leavers Section.

Teenie Weenies closes for a period of 2 weeks over the Christmas Break where no fees are charged. 

You will be notified as soon as we have everything finalised on what has been allocated to your child. This process can take several weeks which is why we start so early. We generally like to have enrolments finalised by the end of the end of September. 

Please choose carefully as it may be difficult to change or add days after enrolments are finalised.

It is important to fill out ALL 3 requests to help us better assist you:

It is important to fill out ALL 3 requests to help us better assist you:

If your child is not 2 years of age yet and you do not want to pay to secure a spot, the best we can do is let you know if anything comes up during the year. please fill out details below. Please note it can be difficult for a position to come up mid-year however we can offer casual days (if available) once your child is 2. This can be discussed more with Marie or an educator

Children going to school in 2022, enrolment at Teenie Weenies ends either Thursday 23rd December 2021 or week ending January 21st 2021.

 We cater for school leavers in January if care is needed. 

Please note, once you have filled out this form your DECISION IS FINAL and NO changes can be made at a later date as positions will be allocated. It is important to choose your child’s end date carefully as fees will occur if you choose to finish your child earlier than stated on this form as all enrolments are based on the information you have told us and new families are allocated start dates around this.

I understand that if I change my mind and choose to finish my child at an earlier date than I have stated above that fees will be charged up until the mentioned finished date.

I have read this form and I understand that this is only a request form and management will try their best to allocate my requested days to my Child/Children, in regards to the Children’s Services Regulations and Centre Policies.

 I understand that if my child is attending kindergarten Next Year they will finish their time at Teenie Weenies on the date ticked above and fees are to paid up until this date.

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