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At Teenie Weenies Learning Centre we acknowledge the importance of play in early childhood development. Play is very important and the most effective tool and is central to a child’s learning and development. Play is non-threatening, spontaneous, and meaningful. Through play babies and young children explore and learn to understand the world around them as they come to communicate, discover, imagine and create. When children play they are showing what they have learned and what they are trying to understand. When children play with other children they create social group, test out ideas, challenge each other’s thinking and build new understandings

The Licensee/Supervisor and staff of Teenie Weenies Learning Centre believe that the early years of a child’s life are their most influential. It is within these years that a child develops the foundation skills and abilities that will carry them through life. Our Educators feel by being attuned to children’s thoughts and feelings, support the development of a strong sense of wellbeing. Our aim is to work closely with families to form a partnership, where educators can develop learning programs responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities, and recognise that children learn through play. Fundamental to the EYLF is the view that children’s lives and childhood is a time of Belonging, Being and Becoming.
We aim to:

  • Work as partners with parents and families of the children.
  • Provide information, contacts and support for the children, parents, and families.
  • Provide high quality care and learning environment.
  • Provide a program based on the Early Years Learning Framework where all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life.
  • Provide a safe, secure, happy and loving home like environment where children have a sense of belonging.
  • Provide a place where childhood is a time to be, to seek and make meaning of the world.
  • Provide an environment that has vibrant and flexible spaces that are responsive to interests and abilities of each child.
  • An environment rich in resources to stimulate learning and development.
  • Provide staff that are experienced in nurturing, caring and valuing children.
  • Recognise, respond, to all children’s strengths, abilities and interests. We value and build upon children’s strengths, skills and knowledge to ensure their motivation and engagement in learning.
  • Respond to children’s expertise, cultural traditions and ways of knowing, the multiple languages spoken by some children, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, and strategies used by children with additional needs to negotiate their everyday lives.

Teenie Weenies is a private family owned and run child care centre dedicated to striving for excellence in the care and development of your child. Teenie Weenies is always working towards meeting and exceeding all requirements for the Australian and State Territory Governments and the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).
The national quality framework aims to raise quality and continuous improvement and consistency in education and care services through:

*The education and care services National Law and the Education and care services National Regulations (‘National Law and National regulations’) *A national quality rating and assessment process *Streamlined regulatory arrangements

Teenie Weenies is licensed to accept children from 2 to 6 years of age, a maximum of 29 children per day.

Our staff are dedicated, highly skilled and motivated members of our close knit team. You will find that all our staff, not just your child’s room teachers will get to know you and your child.
At Teenie Weenies we foster a “family” environment. Our staff are continually furthering their knowledge by attending “in service” and correspondence training courses to keep up to date in their chosen profession.

Our staff members hold formal child care qualifications through TAFE, and other training services. All carers have a First Aid certificates as well as child protection, anaphylaxis and asthma training.

We aim to provide ongoing high quality care to 29 children each day while parents are working or studying, and we also prioritise the enrolment of children with special needs and families facing other circumstances, such as sole-parent families. This is in accordance with National Priority of Access Guidelines for all Child Care Services. For more information refer to Priority of Access Policy in policy folder located in the foyer.

Teenie Weenies has an Open Door Policy (no appointment needed) We welcome you to come in at any time and have a look around.

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